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Summer Deck: Spruce it up

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The temperatures are warming up, the fireflies are starting to light up the night, and the summer entertainment season is kicking off to a great start. Is your patio ready to go?

Your outdoor patio space is one of the best places of the home for getting the most out of the bright sunshine and lazy evenings of summer, and getting it prepped and cleaned is a necessary task to accomplish before your start scheduling your first cookout. With a little bit of work over the weekend, your patio can look as good as new by following the five simple steps below.

Step 1 — Gather Your Needed Supplies

You have a free weekend, a few extra helping hands, and a patio that’s covered in debris, dirt, and grime from a long winter, so it’s time to gather all the supplies you need to get down to business! The supplies you need to clean up the patio may seem basic, but having everything on hand will save you time and frustration during the process:

  • Garden hose
  • Spray cleaners and detergent
  • Plants, pots, and soil for gardening
  • Duster and broom
  • Spare rags and paper towels
  • Painting supplies for touch-ups and furniture
  • Hedge clippers or trimmers

Step 2 — Start at the Top

What better place to start cleaning your covered patio than the ceiling? Patio roofs can get clogged up with insect nests, organic debris, and unsightly dust that brings down the enjoyment of your outdoor space. If you have a ceiling fan, you’ll also want to take the duster and knock down any dirt accumulations on the fixture — before you start cleaning up the floor! Don’t have a ceiling on your patio? Take a moment to enjoy one less step to a clean outdoor space.

Step 3 — Break Out the Hose

The hose serves a double purpose at this stage of patio cleaning. First, you’re going to want it on hand to spray down the main patio area to knock off the heavy debris. Second, having the hose out and ready to go is important for maintenance during the summer months! The heat of the season can do a number of your patio plants, so easy access to your hose is must for keeping the space looking its best.

Step 4 — Pull Weeds and Tidy Up Plants

Once the dirt is washed away and you can actually see your patio again, it’s time to get down to the hard work of gardening. Pull weeds growing through your patio block or gravel and edge the border of your patio. This is also the time to plant some attractive new plants and trim up any hedges, trees, and shrubs that got a bit out of control over the past several months.

Step 5 — Get Your Patio Furniture Ready to Go

Your patio is looking great, and now it’s time to start setting out the furniture you need to relax out in the sun or entertain guests at a barbecue. Your patio chairs and table may need a fresh coat of paint before the season starts, but make sure that you use a product that’s right for the material. It’s also important to clean up your patio cushions either by laundering them at home or sending them off to the dry cleaner if the fabric requires it.

That’s it! The patio of your home is now clean, prepped, and ready to go for anything that summer throws at it. The only thing left to do is to kick back, enjoy a cold glass of water, and start getting to the most important business of the season — relaxing on your beautiful patio!




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