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5 Kick A** Small Kitchens

With the huge trend in tiny living, designers must come up with solutions for optimal usage of space. The room that usually has the most things that are vying for space is the kitchen. Most people will agree that they must have at least a refrigerator, stove, and sink for everyday living. The trick is how to pare down kitchen equipment to absolute necessities and then arrange them within easy reach. Here are five examples that innovative designers have created for small kitchens:
1. Fold-Out Kitchen: We have all seen armoires used successfully in bedrooms and even living rooms. This unique design features an armoire that opens up as a functioning kitchen space. The counter has a small, glass top heating element for cooking as well as ample space for food preparation and a couple of useful kitchen gadgets. There is plenty of drawers and shelving to store pantry items, dishes, glasses, and cookware. When not in use, everything folds up into a beautiful armoire.
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2. Kitchen nook: It is possible to turn a recessed wall area into a fully-functional kitchen nook. A counter has the stovetop and sink and there are small cabinets above and below for convenient storage. A microwave or convection oven can be mounted above the counter.


3. Miniature galley kitchen: The whole idea of a galley kitchen was to streamline the kitchen to save space. A spare wall can be a dedicated kitchen space with a line of cabinets above and below the work counter. The counter can be a stovetop and prep area and a small refrigerator can be installed below it. Shelves can be built around the counter for compact storage.

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4. Pantry cabinets: Adding tall pantry cabinets along both sides of the kitchen counter saves space for food storage. This is a perfect model for those who do not have a separate space for a full-sized pantry.

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5. Built-in Table: Designers have come up with an idea to incorporate a small dinette beside the kitchen counter to eliminate the need for extra table space. It is easy to cook and serve meals efficiently in one small space.

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